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Available Cats and Kittens
Updated July 15, 2007
email or call 705-842-2520 during the day, during the week (this is our business phone, which is a funeral home, so don't be alarmed or offended if we ask to call you back) or 705-842-1232 in the evening and on weekends and ask for Sara or Loyal.  Please leave a message on our voice mail and we will return your call ASAP.
Kittens coming soon!!!!
Unfortunately our spring/summer 2007 litters didn't work out.  One female never did get pregnant and one female got pregnant but didn't have a successful litter.  Much to my huge disappointment we don't currently have kittens and I haven't rebred my girls yet.  Hopefully within the next month we will have females in season and bred.  If everything works out we should have babies in the next 3-4 months.  My waiting list is getting pretty lengthy so if you have found a kitten elsewhere please let me know so I can move another future parent up the list.  

Coming soon...  We are in the process of developing a questionnaire.  So if you are interested in being on our waiting list you can fill this out and it will be sent directly to our inbox.